What is CHAP?

CHAP, or Community Health Accreditation Program, is a national accreditation program that requires the highest standards of excellence from its recipients in the areas of management, quality control, client outcomes, adequate resources and long-term viability. CHAP requirements promote the following:

  • Strengthening internal operations
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Positive client outcomes
  • Meeting community needs in a cost-effective & efficient manner
  • Maintaining the viability of community health practice
  • Assuring public trust in community-based services and products
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The accreditation committee specifically recognized the dedication of our President, Terry Racciato, an experienced industry professional with strong ties to the community and an excellent reputation in health care. Additionally, the entire staff helped prepare for accreditation and was thoroughly invested in the process and the company. CHAP also acknowledged us for our military contracts.


We have been commended for our excellent performance improvement process instituted in preparation for accreditation. After we looked at our operations and determined what processes we really could improve, all staff members worked together to devise procedures resulting in a significant cut down on rework and duplication of effort, saving money and man-hours and increasing client satisfaction in measurable ways.

What this means to you

With the purpose of helping the public select home medical equipment companies with measured and proven superiority, CHAP validates the excellence of the companies earning its recognition. As part of the certification process, CHAP requires applicants to do a self evaluation before a site visit. Organizations are judged on the quality and efficiency of their operations, logistics, organization and performance. As CHAP sets the highest standards of excellence, which all applicants must adhere to, you can rest assured that a CHAP certified home medical equipment company is one that cares about those it serves and can be trusted to exceed the needs of its customers.

CHAP Accreditation

Certifications & Accreditations

SpecialCare has been certified or accredited by the following organizations as a high quality medical service provider

Community Health Accreditation Program

California State
Licensure Board